Mahesh, 40-year-old male patient comes my clinic for weight loss. He also has high cholesterol and doesn’t have diabetes or Hypertension when he visited me. He is a doctor so he knows all this chronic disease. He doesn’t have a family history of Diabetes or Hypertension. We had done a basic metabolic profile with 2 hours Glucose Tolerance Insulin response(GTIR) test.

Baseline GTIR finding suggests Diabetes mellitus. His Fasting Sugar is 111 and 2 hours Sugar is 206. His Insulin response is blunt initially and then insulin secretion is high and remains 156.86 after 2 hours. That shows delayed and high insulin response with Severe Insulin Resistance.

Conventionally we consider Diabetes as chronic progressive disease and Insulin resistance will always increase as time passes. But I would like to show this case to illustrate that Insulin resistance and Diabetes are quite reversible disorders. As we all know that if we reverse Insulin resistance then diabetes will automatically go away. For this patient, we had started lifestyle changes and correcting the nutritional deficiency. We had started our Diabetic Lifestyle Management program.

After 9 months of the effective program, He could loss 5 kg weight and his cholesterol profile become normal. Although he had Diabetes we had not started any antidiabetic medication, as he wants to give lifestyle changes as a trial. We had moved his 2-hour sugar from diabetes to just prediabetic range. His insulin response becoming normal. Now He doesn’t have diabetes according to conventional criteria. His 2 hours insulin moves from 156.86 to 43.68. That shows lowering of Insulin resistance. He still has pre-diabetic changes and mild insulin resistance and now he is confident that he can resolve this.

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