Did you know that medical researchers have estimated that over seventy percent of the total world population is suffering from folate deficiency? This deficiency leads to other health problems that we are going to discuss in this article and why you need to get more of methyl folate supplement.

What is Methyl Folate?

Methylated folate is just the natural active form of folate that is used by the human body. Since the body is not able to produce folate, the folate is obtained mainly from the diet. However, folate that is provided through the food we eat is not considered to be biologically active and hence it must first be broken down by the liver. The process through which the liver breaks down the folate from food to make it biologically active creates tetrahydrofolate or methyl folate, which is exactly the type of folate our body needs. L-Methyl folate (L-MTHF) is usually referred to as the ‘active’ or usable form of folate that our body cells require.

Without a doubt, our body needs folate or Vitamin B9 to be able to carry out several vital functions in the body. Folate has the ability to activate, synthesize and repair the damages done to your DNA. It also helps in the conversion of homocysteine into methionine which is a vital amino acid (higher level of homocysteine can lead to cardiovascular problems). Folate is also very important in the production of red blood cell, and for proper fetal development. It also aids cell division and stimulates neural transmitters, without doubt, folate is very important for an overall healthy body.

Why Do You Need Methyl Folate Supplement?

In recent days, methyl folate has become the most recommended option for folate supplementation. This is mainly due to the fact that low immune function has been found to be caused by unmetabolized folic acid in the blood stream. These synthetic folic acids which caused reduced immune function also mask vitamin B-12 deficiency.

However, these problems associated with synthetic folic acids are eliminated by the methylated folate which is why it has become so popular in recent years. Independent studies from different bodies have revealed that this methyl folate has the ability to deliver immediate folate without the process of converting it first. Methyl folate, unlike synthetic ones, does not have any consumption intolerances and also it doesn’t mask B-12 deficiency. Methyl folate is a very good and very effective alternative source of folate supplement for anyone that needs it; even pregnant women and other people with genetic MTHFR factor.

What Can You Use Methyl Folate Supplement for?

Methyl folate is a better option and a more effective folate supplement to synthetic folic acid which leads to other health problems. Methyl folate has been used and can be used in the treatment of the following conditions:

  • Skin Disorders

A 2013 study found a high amount of methyl folate that resides in epidermis even when there is a drop in the level of serum folate. This shows that it can be used for the treatment of skin conditions like psoriasis and can act as a potential UV skin protectant.

  • Mood Disorders

Methyl folate does not have side effects and it has greater bioavailability which makes it a better option for patients.

  • Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy

Research from a randomized placebo-controlled trial has shown that methyl folate can lead to an improvement in the quality of life of patients with diabetic neuropathy.

  • Homocysteine Reducer

High homocysteine levels can lead to cardiovascular problems and this can be lowered with a diet rich in folate or with methyl folate supplement.

  • Prenatal Supplementation

Taking methyl folate supplement will ensure that you maintain adequate folate levels that are required by the body to support normal neural development.

Improve Your Health with Methyl Folate

Methyl folate is a very popular nutritional supplement that you can get any time you require it. You can improve your quality of life by taking l-methyl folate supplements instead of synthetic folic acids that lead to other health concerns.

Active Folate B12

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Active Folate-B12 offers a bioactive form of vitamin B12 and 4th generation of vitamin B9 (6 S-L-5methyltetrahydrofolate) (Quatrefolic). Bioactive form of vitamin B9 and vitamin B12 works as methyl donor that support the normal conversion of homocysteine to methionine, cellular health, cognitive health and support healthy energy level.


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