Lugol’s Iodine Liquid

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Lugol’s Iodine solution for proper thyroid functioning and cellular metabolism. Iodine is a nutrient needed by every part of the body and one we’re often deficient in. Lugol’s Iodine provides an ideal ratio of both forms of iodine needed by the body missing in other Iodine supplements including nascent iodine. Complete your essential daily routine with this missing element in both its active forms!

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  • Iodine is one of the most needed elements in the entire body.
  • Common Symptoms of Iodine Deficiency include lower than normal body temperature (especially measured first thing in the morning), lack of weight control or difficulty losing weight, a sparse outer third of the eyebrows, dry skin and cracked heels, lack of energy, and foggy thinking.
  • Iodine helps make us smarter, especially in regards to fetal mental and IQ development. It promotes sharp thinking, mental focus, cognitive function, and the elimination of brain fog in adults.
  • It offers powerful antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiparasitic properties.
  • Iodine sufficiency may offer protective anti-carcinogenic hormone regulation support important for healthy breast, prostate, uterine, ovarian, and cervical cells and tissues.
  • Helps detoxify halide concentrations caused by fluoride, chlorine, and bromine as well as helping to prevent lead and other metals from being stored in the body.


  • Lugol’s Iodine is the most well-known and trusted iodine on the market.
  • It offers duel benefits from both iodine and potassium iodide in a balanced ratio shown to help reduce the occurrence of disease and promote healthy biological function throughout the body.
  • Different tissues in the body prefer one form of iodine over the other. This tissue-specific support is only provided by Lugol’s Iodine. 
  • Our unique blend also includes fulvic acid to help increase absorption and delivery into the cells.


Supplement facts

Serving size about 20 drops

Serving per container about 60

                Amount per serving              %DV                                                  
Iodine                               5mg            3333% 
Iodide                             7.5mg            4999%
Fulvic Acid                      70mg                *


We recommend starting with 1 drop with one glass of water once a day for the first week. Increase this dose by 1 drop once a day each week thereafter to reach a maximum dose of 4 drops a day. Consult with your healthcare professional before starting an iodine supplement. Always mix with non-chlorinated water.



Why is your dosage so much higher than the FDA's recommended daily requirements?

The RDAs are set to prevent specific diseases and health conditions, such as goiter, from occurring. However, our research has shown that this amount is not enough to promote whole-body health and well-being.

Can I take less than the recommended serving?

Absolutely! Our liquid formula offers the ability to tailor your dose to fit your needs. Each drop contains approximately 3.1 mg of iodine. Please work with your health care provider to determine the best dose for you.

Can I take more than the recommended maintenance dose?

We would suggest not to go over this dose without doctor approval.

Can I take this with other supplements, medications, or foods?

Most supplements and organic foods are okay, but we suggest discussing the use of any supplement when taking medications with your doctor. You may need to take our product several hours apart from your medications.

Rs. 1,200.00

Available on backorder

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