Rebuild Advance Vegan Protein and Lipid

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Protein and Fat are the building blocks of a healthy cell and mitochondria member. Mitochondria produce energy. An increasing number of mitochondria supports more energy output.

  • This is a complete Vegan Protein formula. It is recommended for those who are allergic to Milk, Gluten and Soy.
  • Contains Phospholipid
  • Complete range of Amino Acid
  • Digestive Enzymes

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Plant Protein

18 grams per serving of our exclusive 100% all-natural plant protein from pea protein isolate and brown rice providing a complete, highly-bioavailable protein.



Non-GMO sunflower phospholipids are used to make new and repair existing cellular mitochondria membranes that can be damaged during normal ATP (energy) production increasing the overall energy output capacity of each cell.


Digestive Enzyme

DigeZyme® A Versatile Multi-enzyme Complex This proprietary preparation is a unique blend of specific digestive enzymes that offers much more than just aiding proper digestion and better absorption of nutrients.

  • Mix one scoop in 8 ounces of water or almond milk or coconut milk.

  • Shake or blend to enjoy a creamy smooth taste.

  • You can add Keto Chocolate to enhance the taste.

Rs. 1,599.00

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