Best insight of my Health

I consulted Dr.Anish and his team, and first time in my life, he explained that I don’t need Anti Cholesterol ( Rosuvastatin) medicine. He calculated my risk of heart attack for the next ten years, which came to 1%, and I got relief. Even Starting Rosuvastatin, I will not reduce my risk of heart attack and stop worrying and taking it. He explained the importance of the T3 hormone, and I got inside in my health condition. Now I have confidence that I can put my thyroid under remission. Thank you, Dr.Anish and Team


My daughter has Hypothyroidism

“Now I get a better understanding of my daughter’s health issue Thanks, Dr. was a pleasure and very knowledgeable speaking to You….”


My Thyroid Improve

“I have Hashimotos and hypothyroidism along with asthma and migraines. I wasn’t sure at the beginning of this program would help. Let me tell you it did and still is. You learn so much information, including reports and downloads, that you can keep forever. There is information on medication as well as supplement options and other things that affect Hashimotos. My digestive issues have completely gone away. No more stomach pain, and energy during the day has doubled. Thank you for this amazing program that is a life-changing gift to anyone who uses it.” –

Marketing Manager

Achieved something which seemed to be next to impossible

Though I was a health conscious man from an early age, I was detected with blood sugar in the year 2015 and since then I tried my level best to control blood sugar. I also suffered from Thyroid and could not lose weight even after regular exercise. I was 89 kg. The blood sugar level increased up to 235 even after medicine. Last year, in October 2022, I visited Dr. Ashish Patel, my family physician for routine check up who advised me to consult Dr.Anish Musa for controlling blood sugar level. I followed his advice and consulted Dr. Musa, who gave me the list of blood tests to be done prior to the commencement of the treatment. After that, he talked to me extensively about my family history, habits and my health problems and advised me to change some of my eating habits. Dt. Krishna Nair, their Nutritionist helped me with preparing my diet chart. I started following 70% of this from 20th January, 2023 when my fasting blood sugar level was 232 after medicine. Dr. Musa focused on low carbohydrate diet and intermittent fasting that I strictly followed. I continued my regular exercise also. As a result of this, I noticed that my fasting blood sugar level went upto 87 and doctor asked me to stop taking medicines on 10 February i.e. within 20 days of the treatment. I lost 5 kg of weight for which I attempted rigorously for last five years. Right now, my weight is 84.5kg, the FBS is 118 and after 2 hrs. of lunch it is around 140. I express my heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Anish Musa, Dt Krishna Nair and all his team members because of whom I am able to achieve something which seemed to be next to impossible in this life time. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.


Dr.Dilip C.Patel

Improved Thyroid and other Symptoms

Hello I am Subamma G, 50 year old from Andhra Pradesh. I first saw Dr. Anish exactly 3 months ago with my HbA1c at 10.5 even on taking 25 units of Insulin twice a day, also with uncontrolled thyroid and complaints of feeling very weak and even unable to walk around, not just that I was on a 2 pages long prescription to control the various problems like high Bp, High cholesterol, sleep disturbances, diarrhea was suffering from.
Today 3 months down the line its nothing more than a miracle that my HbA1c has come down to 5.5 ,my insulin dosages decreased , my triglycerides have decreased from 517 to 215 even after stopping my anti-cholesterol medicines, and my symptoms have drastically improved and so have my prescription medication. Thank to Dr. Anish and team Ultrawellness!

Subamma G

Overcoming Hormone Imbalance

Myself Muskan, I was very much frustrated and worried about my Weight gain issue and Menstrual irregularities. I had visited several Gynaecologists and tried various calorie-restrictive diets as well which gave me No positive results and No one could help me to identify the root cause of my condition. Then I met Dr.Anish and for the first time, he diagnosed that I was having High Insulin resistance which lead to Hormonal imbalance and was also the reason for my excessive weight gain. I started working with the UltraWellness team and Krishna, their Nutritionist helped me to follow a proper diet and make necessary changes to my lifestyle. In just 15 days I felt a lot of positive differences in my overall health. Apart from losing 3 kg weight, I also felt more energetic and lively rather than feeling sluggish for the whole day. Thanks to the entire UltraWellness team.


I would like to share my 3 months experience with Ultrawellness and specifically with @Dr. Karishma Not only has she diagnosed my health condition perfectly, but also made me understand the core issues which needed to be taken care. Apart from that she was able to take all the information from me about my health and my routine and was able to connect it with the medical diagnosis. For a lay man like me in this field , it was expected to be difficult to understand but, she made it look so easy by logically explaining everything . My Health has substantially improved. As an example, I was suffering with problems of acid refluxes for about 25 years. I tried everything that I could, but could not get rid of it. within 3 month that issues has got complete…
@Rashi I would also like to thanks Rashi ji for planning our my diet plan so well that it was actually possible to follow. Thanks to her for all suggestions and recommendations.

Arwind komerwar


My daughter has Hypothyroidism

Now I get a better understanding of my daughter’s health issue and Thanks, Dr. was a pleasure and very knowledgeable speaking to You…


Hello everyone

Hello everyone, I am Preeti. I am a teacher and have school. This is a full-time sitting job especially with online stuff today.
I then got introduced to Jeevam where Dr. Anish and Rashi are guiding me to keep working and yet get fitter.
Thanks a lot, Dr.Anish n Rashi for guiding me anytime I send a message even if it is odd hours.


myself very lucky to have found support

Good morning everyone, I’m Aditi, I consider myself very lucky to have found support on this wonderful group. I joined in April this year.

Grateful to Dr Anish for the support, guidance, and patience. After the very first zoom session with Dr. Anish, I had hope n confidence that things will definitely get better. Thanks for letting me know what my unique inflammatory triggers were and how to deal with them.

The diet changes have definitely been a struggle but I was determined to do anything to regain health. Thanks, Rashi for the wonderful recipes …finally I’m developing a taste for what is truly healthy and nourishing. Except for about 2 or 3 occasions in the initial weeks when I ate foods that are not allowed….Of late I have been on permitted foods only and feeling a significant improvement in health …😊


Hello everyone.

Hello everyone. I am Rupal. In Sept 2020 when doing the juice of life 3-day program I came across Dr Musa’s talk on functional medicine. I was so inspired by it and also felt that this could help my health that I contacted him. That is also around the same time I was introduced to Rashi. That’s when my journey to a new way of eating and living started. I am so grateful for having them both in my life.

Rupal Shah

I really like this online platform

Thanks and I really like this online platform, Dr. Musa. Congrats to you and Piyush and others on your team. I hope you make this scalable.

Rupesh Goel

recover from my auto-immune condition

Good Evening Everyone,
I would like to convey my heartiest thanks to each and every member of the group for helping me recover from my auto-immune condition. I have recovered 90% and I am very grateful to all of you. God bless each and everyone in the group. Also would like to convey my special gratitude to Dr. Anish Musa for understanding my issue to the root cause and helping me overcome the disease. Most importantly Rashi has helped me understand the importance of nutrition as a whole and still she is helping me with amazing recipes. Last would like to convey my thanks to Kamran who helped me in connecting with some amazing people that I will remember. I bow down to each and everyone for helping the larger community

Atul Vinaik


Really happy with Anish sir guidance and extensive knowledge on the matter. Helped me a lot to understand the root cause thyroid problem. Which so far I had little idea about. He is genuine Doctor.


Good things to know about

Good things to know about diet which is beneficial.

Dr Arpita Soy

This was an amazing experience

This was an amazing experience to improve my knowledge and awareness about Diet. He is full of knoledge and passion about functional medicne. I had learn lot and imlementing these changes in my life.

Nikhar Patel

First of all thanks a

First of all thanks a lot for the whole team, I feel like blessed since I have come in touch with ultrawellness, I was so worried about my all chronic issues, as all were related and weight management, harmonal imbalance, pcos, thyroid, insulin resistance all of them are so linked with each other, that breaking that vicious cycle was difficult for me as I never knew about the gluten free diet.
I have spend more than ten years in every kind of pathy be it allopathy, ayurved, homeopathy but no one told me about this important key to just stop three things in diet, wheat, sugar, milk .
I did all kind of diet alongwith gym, spending loads of time and money and still not getting the desired results, I tried the protein shakes, gmt diet and intermittent fasting aswell but nothing really worked out for me.
Now, I have let go my past and having enlightened with new diet form gluten free and low carb diet has helped me reduce weight and hopefully I will loose more and this time my weight won’t increase I have that guarantee, provided I follow all the diet rules. However the diet provides to eat all kind of food and many dishes and receipes are shared that we always can have our taste buds satisfied without having a monotonous and boring diet routine.
It just first phase for me and I had very critical issue but with Dr. Anish’s advice and support am feeling first time on right track as I can use allopathy medicines which are more effective for menstrual issues and can also avoid side effect ow weight gain. I feel no worried at all about the chronic issues as I know I will get the desired results with my continued efforts and teams support.
This has been the greatest secret which was never told by anyone and I could have been suggested to take metformin and what not, which is not at all good for health for long-run, am saved from all the health hazards that I could have gone through since the moment I came in touch with Dr Anish. Dr Anish is very supportive and caring and makes us understand the root cause of our chronic issues and helps us know our body and our health and diet very well. With gained knowledge one becomes mentally satisfied knowing the reasons that exactly affected us. Whole team is very supportive and encourages us to achieve our results.
I am looking forward towards reversing the chronic issues and leading a wonderful life ahead which I always deserved but could not lead due to health issues all the time.
Thank You Dr.anish ,Piyush and Rashiji.
I am going to refer all my close one as and when possible to this program.

Tejashree Potdar
SOFTWARE Professional, senior developer

Dr.Anish support has helped me tremendously

Dr.Anish support has helped me tremendously. I had Blood Sugar since last 15 odd years. 3 months into the treatment, I’m almost going to pre diabetic level with fasting sugar going below 100. It used to be in the range of 200.

My energy level has improved. In addition, my cholesterol and BP is under control.

Dr Anish along with Health Coach Anita Chitlangia (my daughter in law) has been working with me very meticulously and guiding me almost everyday

They have helped in changing my life style completely leading to reversal of these diseases. I’m 65 year old and reversing my diseases at this age is commendable.

Million thanks to Dr Anish and Health Coach Anita Chitlangia!

Shashi Chitlangia

Hi its almost one month

Hi, it’s almost one month I am following the diet plan.
I lost 5 kgs also my sugar levels are maintaining good.
Enjoying it.
Especially Dr. Anish your vision & education material changed my thinking of eating habits also my energy levels are also very high.
Now this month I am more excited because I will break 3 digit mark first time in life with my sugar levels maintained.

Thank you, team UltraWellness for being present with me on this journey.

Vikrant Goyal

I loved the way you

I loved the way you have given diet chart & your support. I m feeling good, light , have lost 2-3 kgs and majorly inches have lost.

Suman Goel

Good job sir so Impressed

I got improvement in my Health and Functional Medicine approach work for me. Thank you

Aravinda chapati

I am a patent of single vessel coronary heart disease

I am a patent of single-vessel coronary heart disease, I have no any complaint after stenting of a vessel, I started function medicine advise by Dr. Anish Musa since 2 months, I started gluten-free, sugar-free, low carb diet and add some supplements like protein, vitamin c, magnesium, Omega 3, vitamin b12, and changed my daily food oil and started ghee and stopped statin medicine,
At present, I lost symptoms like fatigue in evening hrs and reduced my weight from 67 to 62 and set my BMI.
Thanks to UltraWellsess team to come in my life and changed my thoughts, Thanks again.

Dr Jitendra Patel

I have started working with

I have started working with functional medicine to get my excess fat / pcod / diabetes under control.. The past six weeks have been an eyeopener.. I have learnt a lot more about my body and what it needs.. My skin and hair is better and my sleep quality has improved a lot.. My energy levels are good.. I feel i am well on my way to optimal health.. 🙂


I have consulted Siddharth Goel

I have consulted Siddharth Goel for Weight loss, Headache, and many more health issues. He suggested me to take a functional medicine approach and so I agreed and did some lab test to identify the root cause. And I found that I had so many health issues like I have a chance to develop Thyroid and Diabetes in sugar in the future as my system is going in that direction. He suggested some supplements and guiding me regarding eating low carbs and add more protein and fat in the diet. And do some Yoga, meditation and physical activity. So, after 2 months, I have seen significant changes in my health, like I have lost 6 kg weight, because of the tight schedule I use to have headache every day, But after starting this I rarely had that issue, and also my sleep quality is improved, I was addicted to tea in morning and if I miss someday I have headache and feel tired but since 2 months, I have stopped drinking tea and I don’t have any issues. I had always felt bloating after having banana and radish but now I can have that too without having any issue. Now I am having more energy throughout the day and more relaxed. Throughout the program, I learned so many things about the food and new recipes also. Even after completing this program I am planning to continue this approach.

Thank you Siddharth and Ultrawellness Team.

Brinda Anadkt

Good content. Positive outcome. Overall

Good content. Positive outcome.
Overall poor health, and bad diabetes MGMT. I have developed a better understanding of the condition, and have seen a significant reduction in medication. Yet to see the full benefits.


I found comfort in discussing

I found comfort in discussing my problems with Dr.Anish and his approach to treating each body differently has worked very well for me. He has been able to connect all my minor and major problems to the root cause and has really taught me the importance of the right nutrition. I was always confused about what to eat and struggled with digestion. I got guidance and I’m grateful for the better health I have today. I appreciate his prompt responses and supply for supplements.

Vidya Balasubramanya

I had uncontrolled diabetes and

I had uncontrolled diabetes and it was not controlled by medication although I am following a healthy lifestyle. I was convinced by GTIR and when I found Low insulin and Insulin resistance was the root cause of my problem, It was easy to follow lifestyle and diet modification. Now I had controlled Diabetes and reduced my medication disease. Thanks, Ultrawellness team.


I had consulted Dr.Anish for

I had consulted Dr.Anish for hypoglycemic episodes and He had corrected my diet. I also lost weight and Now feeling much healthier than before. I recommend Dr.Anish and Ultrawellness.

Dr. Dhaval Shah

I had consulted Dr.Anish For Diabetes and Hypertension. I had applied dietary changes as guided by him. I am on Low carb diet and both my disease are under control with minimum Medication. He his very calm and have deep knoledge in the subject. 

Sanjai Nayak

CEO, Bhartiya Arogya Nidhi Hospital

Dr.Anish is an amazing and compassionate Functional Medicine practitioner. He has helped me overcome some serious chronic health issues that no one had any answers for. He has taught me so much, and has truly changed my life. Thank you so much for all that you do!

It has changed my lifestyle and the way i feel about having the diet which makes you healthier, fuller and fitter. No need to cut on calories but need to learn the difference between varieties of food. Just amazing!!!!

Sonu Kugashiya


The UltraWellness Team is skilled at getting to the root problem of health issues. They are compassionate and very knowledgeable. I am grateful for their support in helping me find my ‘blind spots’ with my health concerns. It is wonderful to find Dr.Anish who listen and that you can trust.

I would simply say. He is the change maker in this world. Who really cares about health, will surely come to such change epicenter.

Alihusen Momin

CEO, Spider Communication

The Ultrawellness and Dr.Anish with an incredible amount of compassion and knowledge on the best gift we can all acquire, our ‘health.’ Keep up the great work. He helps me recover my adrenal fatigue and energy.

Alpesh Ami

Had an amazing time learning about gut intestinal health and Metabolic Functions with Dr.Anish Musa. He is years ahead of they’re time.

He is dedicated and passionate about Functional Medicine. He is pioneer in Preventive and Functional medicine in India.

Dr.Yasin Polara

MD Physician, Start Hospital

The Ultrawellness and Dr.Anish with an incredible amount of compassion and knowledge on the best gift we can all acquire, our ‘health.’ Keep up the great work.

I was very impressed with how Dr. MUSA guided me with the diet and changes to my habits with dairy and caffeinated drinks as well as wheat. Stopping all that, I lost 10 lbs and after that feels pretty energetic and don’t miss all the wrong foods.

Shamim Soonasara


 I would like to share with u all regarding my reluctant weight gain but fortunately, I lost 5.5 kg and 2 inches waist in 5 weeks.

 I went for an IgG food allergy test (ImuPro). It’s a blood test, done in Germany. Normal allergy test available in India is the IgE allergy test. Research shows that IgG antibodies are associated with Chronic Health Problems. Chronic Food Allergy or Intolerance measures IgG and Complement reactions to foods and additives which cause delayed food sensitivity. Food sensitivities begin when food antigens cross the gut epithelium and evoke an immune response leading to the production of IgG antibody and the formation of immune complexes that activate complement. In most cases, immune complexes are cleared from the circulation and do not cause any symptoms. However, in some people, the immune complexes may lead to various symptoms that can affect almost any tissue or organ and weight gain.

This kind of Food Allergen causes chronic inflammation in the body. As we know that chronic inflammation in the body leads to water retention and in the long run this inflammatory mediator binds to insulin receptors and creates insulin resistance and weight gain.

I omitted such items in my diet and replaced oils with anti-inflammatory oils like extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil, Ghee and Omega -3. The concept is very powerful yet simple “move you food from inflammatory to anti-inflammatory food“.

 For those friends and family members, who find difficult, to lose weight, this is an effective alternative way to think and it's one of the core concepts of Functional Medicine.

Dr.Anis Mansuri

MD Physician, Sanjivani Hospital

The Dr.Anish Musa at The UltraWellness is incredibly knowledgable and patient! They are able to break things down to a basic level so that you can understand what is really going on in your body. Truly amazing!

Help reduce weight, gain energy levels and overall sense of well being. It also helped maintain the blood pressure.

Hasainbhai Musa

Unicorn Sales Agency

Dr.Anish is an amazing and compassionate Functional Medicine practitioner. He has helped me overcome some serious chronic health issues that no one had any answers for. He has taught me so much, and has truly changed my life. Thank you so much for all that you do!

He helps me in early diagnosis of diabetes and Then I started making lifestyle changes that help me reverse my diabetes completely. I had not started any medication for that and still my HBA1C is under control.

Dr.Ajay Patel


He is a keen Doctor and friend of mine, Help me discover my insulin resistance early. He had developed novel test for diagnosis of Insulin resistance and prediabetes early that we called Glucose Tolerance Insulin Response. It helps to diagnose Insulin response on glucose load. I think this is best we can see high insulin secretion as a root case for type 2 DM.

His Low Carb advises helping me reduce my weight and help me reverse Insulin resistance.

Dr.Sachin Patel


I am impressed with Dr. Anish's commitment to providing the most authentic healthcare service, taking pains to procure genuine supplements and continuous monitoring to keep patients on track. His seriousness to his work is commendable. He works with a minimal approach, making it easier for a patient to follow and start seeing the difference quickly. I would highly recommend people to experience a functional medicine approach to healthcare and see the benefits themselves.

I loved functional medicine basis its approach to health. working on the route cause of the issue and based on body parameters, working on a diet- items to eliminate and introduce, supplements to take. Within, few weeks of following this protocol, I started feeling altogether different- more energetic, more fit, reduction of extra fats. My reason to go for FM was my Hashimoto's thyroid where in conventional medicine, there is no solution except to take t4 medicine lifelong. With FM, i am quite positive that I will be able to heal it permanently and along with with this the awareness I am getting towards my body-mind..its most beautiful especially diet awareness, awareness of essential minerals and vitamin supplements which we don't get through diet.

Harish Bansal


I had a family history of Diabetes and I had gone through GTIR to know my risk of developing Diabetes. I was found high in Insulin and near prediabetes. This was a wake-up call for me to apply lifestyle changes. I had applied Low carb diet and nutritional supplements. Dr.Anish is amazing in teaching lifestyle changes. He shows me a good amount of evidence to apply to dietary changes. I had applied changes and within 4 months majic happens. I had lost 17 kg weight and I am feeling more energy than previous one.
Dr.Sunil Prajapati

Gastroenterologist, Samved Hospital

I was suffering from uncontrol Diabetes and Joint pain for many years. Dr.Anish help me diagnosed root casse of my Diabetes. I was having very low Insulin response and that is resion for my uncontrol diabetes. I was found high in thyroid and inflmation. With the advice of Dr.Anish, I started a Low carb diet and also eliminated wheat and milk. I had started consuing more ghee then prevoulsy. Initially, it was difficult to apply this change. As every body around me create fate fear but his constant motivation and knoldge help me to apply Low carb diet. Majic Happens in just 3 months my Diabetes was controlled and I lost 8 kg of weight. Now I can stand on my own feet. My joint pain was improved. Thanks to Dr.Anish.
Shakinaben Shahu


Dr.Anish is my Uncle and help me diagnosed root cause my hormonal Imbalance. I was found Insulin resistance and high insulin causing my weight issue and also it caused a hormonal issue. I had applied the changes suggested by him. Initially, it was difficult for me to manage my diet and lifestyle but constant motivational guidance of him and ultrawellness team help me change my lifestyle. I am still following the Low carb diet. I found myself Gluten intolerance by elimination reintroduction of it. Now I realized that whenever I eat Gluten and whent immediately I gain wait and inflmation in the body. So I don't eat gluten. I highly recommend everybody struggling with weight gain or hormonal issue go for wheat elimination and see the difference yourself. Thank you, dear Dr.Anish


I was suffering from psoriasis for more than 15 years and it was active skin lesion. The doctor had prescribed me a steroid and immunomodulatory drugs. But I don't want to start this medication as there as many side effects for long term use. So I contacted Dr.Anish Musa and stated the functional medicine approach for my condition. He helps me diagnosed my condition as Leaky GUT because of subclinical infection in GUT. He helps me diagnosed my pre-diabetic condition and we had started an elimination diet and GUT healing. I started seeing the result in 3 months and not only I had lost 9 kg of weight but also started seeing my psoriasis now becoming flat and inactive. Now it is just scar tissue. Thank you Dr.Anish for helping me resolve my long-standing health issues.
B Chakravarthi


I was suffering from Allergy for many years. I was having a gastric issue and weigh gain. Dr.Anish had helped me diagnosed my allergy and found Mold sensitivity. I had to change my home and moved to Ahmedabad and clean my house. No body knows about mold and biotoxins. Once I clear my body with this kind of mold and fungus I feel a lot of improvement. Now I conciously avoid it. I also found myself Gluten intolerent. Thanks, Dr.Anish for helping me to find the root cause of my illness.
Heena Patel


I was diagnosed with Chronic kidney disease my creatinine was 4.4 and also having long diabetes. Dr.Anish help me low carb diet and other supplements. I sated getting the benefit of it in 3 months my diabetes was control and now I am improving with kidney function. Now my creatinine is 2.3. Initially, it was difficult to apply it but my family had supported me to apply changes. Now I am comfortable with diet and food plan.
Nirmala B


I was suffering from uncontrolled diabetes for many years. I had gone for GTIR and found my insulin is low and thats is why my medicine was not working to control blood sugar. I found my diet high in carbs. As usual, I was feared of fat and oil. With Dr.Anish teaching and counseling, I applied Low carb diet and Now my blood sugar is under control. My HBA1C was 8.5 and Now it becomes 6.5. 

Kalpana Shukla

Nutritionist , Ahmedabd

I was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and started metformin. Dr.Anish is my friend and colleague and I heard about the functional medicine approach to heal chronic disease. I applied the Functional Medicine approach to healing my DM. So I started applying changes as told by Dr.Anish. I found high in inflammation, high insulin and Insulin resistance is the root cause of my Diabetes. GTIR help me diagnosed my Insulin response. I stop Metformin and started on Low carb diet. I feel Lot more energy and after 12 months My HBA1C become normal and GTIR improves a lot with Normal 2 hours sugar and Insulin. I highly recond GTIR to know your Insulin resistance and Low Carb diet to put Diabetes under remission.

Dr.Monish Shah

Pediatrician, Patan

I was suffering from Diabetes and my HbA1C remain more than 7.5 all times. I was taking Antidiabetic medicine although sometimes I have uncontrolled blood Sugar. I had consulted Dr.Musa and started functional Medicine approach for my blood sugar. I started on Low carb diet and I found Gluten sensitive. I changed my cooking oil as recommended by Dr.Anish and within 3 months I started control of my Blood Sugar. Initially, it was difficult to apply Low carb diet because our diet was high in Carbs. Now my family had adopted Low carb lifestyle so now its easy to sustain on Low carb lifestyle.

Yunus Maredia

Teacher, Kanodar

I had consulted Dr.Anish for weigh issue and I was worried about Diabetes. I found prediabetic. At this point, I awake and started applying lifestyle changes. I lost weight and feeling more energized. It was initially difficult to apply these changes. As my diet was low in protein. I corrected my nutritional profile. Thanks to Dr.Anish

Dr.Manish Patel

Dentist, Sidhapur

I was having obesity and my weight was 92 kg. Recently in last year, I gain 10 kg weight. I was undergone GTIR and found Pre diabetic with high Insulin resistance. I started Low carb diet as Dr.Anish Guide. I found results in just 3 months. I lost 9 kg of weight and feeling more energy. I found my root cause and that change my perspective towards health.

Zahir Shahu

Business, Maskat

The Dr.Anish Musa at The UltraWellness is incredibly knowledgable and patient! They are able to break things down to a basic level so that you can understand what is really going on in your body. Truly amazing!

I am very glad to get knowledge about functional medicine really doctor Anish Musa changed my lifestyle and the habits of food. He give us a way to live healthy its affect my life a lot. Thanks for knowledge and time which inspired a lot 🙏

Rinaz Momin


I had consulted Dr.Anish for Obesity and Hormonal Imbalance. I found myself allergic to Wheat and Milk. I found GUT dysbiosis and Fungal overgrowth that caused hormonal imbalance. I had clean my GUT with functional Medicine approach and Gluten and milk elimination help me a lot to control my weight and hormonal balance.

Dr. Jayshree


I had consulted Dr.Anish for my Diabetes and I herd that new functional Medicine helps people to control diabetes. I found High insulin resistacne and when I had seen my diet it was high in Carbs. I started Low carb diet and elimination of Gluten help me lost my edema and I started losing weight. My Blood sugar is now control and I had reduced medication. Thanks to Dr.Anish for helping me.

Purnimaben Modi


I was suffering from Diabetes and Hypertension for more than 10 years. Recently I started having joint pain and weight gain. I had consulted Dr.Anish and found high insulin resistance and low insulin. I was taking 3 medicine although my blood sugar remains high. I found that my diet high in carbs and that is creating high blood sugar. I had started Low carb and Protein supplements and found immediate control of blood sugar. I started feeling hypoglycemia on the same dose of diabetic medicine. So started reducing the dose of these medications as advised by him. Now I am taking just 1/4 th of diabetes medicine and my fasting sugar reamin less than 100 and it never gose more than 150 after Low cab diet. As an addition, I lost 6 kg weigh in just one and half month. Now I am confident that I can put my diabetes under remission and I will be completely off medication. My Blood pressure is also becoing normal and I had reduced medicine for that. Thanks to Dr.Anish

Sonal Joshi


I had a family history of Diabetes and I have weight gain and hypothyroidism. I found myself having moderate insulin resistance on glucose tolerance insulin response test. I found the root cause of my hypothyroidism as an autoimmune disease. My antibodies against thyroid is raised. I stared dietary changes and heal my GUT. After 2 months I feel more energy and lot 5 kg weight. Now I am confident to reverse my Insulin resistance and Hypothyroidism


Anesthesiologist, Ahmadabad

I am having high blood pressure for 4 years and taking 3 medicines for that. Even though taking medciines for blodd pressure my blood pressure goes high many times. I consulted Dr.Anish when I was in India. I want to find the root cause of my HT. I had done a functional medicine lab workup and found Insulin resistance and very high Insulin that causes blood pressure. I also found myself Gluten intolerance. So I started applying Low Carb lifestyle and gluten elimination with supplements and started feeling the change immediately. I started control of my blood pressure and also reduces medication for that. Initially, it was difficult for me to leave wheat from the diet but Dr.Anish help me with alternative grains. Now I am adupted to a new lifestyle and happy with that.

Erick Kitali


I was having diabetes for more than 7 years. I was feeling low energy and my diabetes did not control well with medicines. I was investigated and found having low pancreatic functions. I applied the Low carb diet and seen results immediately. The doctor had advised me to take insulin but with Dr.Anish guide, I started diet and now blood sugar is control and now I don't require insulin, on the contrary, I had started reducing my medication. 

Yakub Momin

Advocate, Patan